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Established in 2008, OSH ProCare Consultant & Services (OSH ProCare) is a one-stop OSH (occupational safety and health) service center that provides OSH consultancy and other relevant consultation services to all range of clients and industries from private and public sectors throughout Malaysia. OSH ProCare’s strength and expertise are its pooled of experienced and seasoned OSH practitioners/consultants comprises of DOSH Competent persons and NIOSH/HRD Corp certified trainers with various occupational backgrounds in MNC, manufacturing & chemical industry and public health services.

Our Belief

We believe that all occupational fatalities, injuries and illness can be prevented if OSH risks are mutually managed in an efficient and effective manner together by the employer and employees.

Our Mission

OSH ProCare Consultation & Services was established based on our passion for Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) and the desire to improve OSH performance in Malaysia. Therefore, our mission is to provide effective business solutions to organizations in controlling OSH risks in their respective industries to:

through effective OSH consultation, training and support in compliance of the OSH regulatory requirements based on personalized service and strong ethical values.

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Our Strategy

OSH ProCare has the expertise and knowledge to provide advice on almost all aspects of OSH management i.e., planning, implementation, monitoring, audit, and review based on the latest knowledge, information, techniques and in most cases, best available industrial practices.

Our priority is to establish a win-win partnership with our clients to support and add value to the organizational strategies of the companies we serve. With this commitment, we will assist and work closely with our clients–whether employers or/and employees–to implement appropriate solutions in terms of specific OSH programs & services for our clients and help to ensure its successful integration into the clients’ business strategy, in a practical, efficient & systematic manner to meet local OSH regulatory, certification or corporate requirement.

With respect to this, OSH ProCare will provide OSH consultation and training using the best available information, techniques, and approaches to facilitate and support clients to achieve their goals. The result is controlling OSH risks, hence, eliminating and minimizing losses, potential prosecution, fines & litigation to the clients. In general, we shall satisfy our clients to the fullest such that by doing so, we should be able to meet OUR MISSION.

Our Organization

Meet Our Team

Our Team consists of committed, dedicated and innovative OSH professionals willing to work for our valued client in their respective area of expertise. We care for the safety and health of human beings at their workplace which is clearly reflected in our company motto Take Care!, in spite that each of us is, undoubtedly, a unique and remarkable person in his / her own way. Our team comprises of:

Radzi bin Abdul Rashid A.N.S.​

Principal Consultant cum General Manager​

Dr. Zuraida binti Mohamed A.N.S.

Principal Consultant - Occupational Healthcare