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The ideal recession buster – Save now by using our Occupational Safety (OS) Consultancy service and reduce your overheads.

The OS Consultancy service offered by OSH ProCare provides the organization Client with a dedicated, experienced, and professional OSH consultant as an advisor or/and consultant in OSH without additional charges. This package is extremely cost effective when the size and/or nature of the organization does not justify employing a full-time OSH professional.

This approach allows an organization to focus only on certain specific aspects of OSH to achieve legal compliance and effectively manage their overall OSH performance. The service is established based on consultation and agreement with the respective Client to suit the Client requirement and budget.

A standard OS Consultancy scope of work that we are offering is as follows:

1) OS Consultant

A dedicated, experienced, and professional OS Consultant will be assigned to the Client to provide advice and consultation on OSH matters including factory and equipment inspection to the organization with or without (< 5 employees) Occupational Safety & Health Coordinator (OSH-C) and/or to the management team to identify, plan, implement, audit and review OSH program at work.

2) OSH Risk Assessor

This service package is based on fulfilling the requirement of Risk Assessment provided under Section 18A & 18B, OSH (Amendment) Act 2022.
The designated Risk Assessor will assist the client’s management to effectively manage OSH risk at the workplace by providing proactive and preventive solutions via:

A. Job Safety Analysis

An experienced Job Safety Analysis (JSA) or Job Safety & Health Analysis
(JSHA) assessor will be assigned to conduct JSA / JSHA at the workplace based on an agreed scope of work.

B. OSH Assessment

The assigned assessor will conduct OSH Assessment via HIRARC; Hazard Identification (HI), Risk Assessment (RA) & recommend Risk Control (RC) plan at the workplace. This service package is based on fulfilling the requirement of Section 18A & 18B, OSH (Amendment) Act 2022.

C. Ergonomics Risk Assessment

Ergonomics Risk Assessment (ERA) by Ergonomics Trained Person cum ERA Assessor certified by DOSH. This service package is based on fulfilling the requirement of Section 18A & 18B, OSH (Amendment) Act 2022 and DOSH Guidelines on Ergonomics Risk Assessment at Workplace 2017. The ERA may include Initial and Advanced ERA and covers all areas on site including office & general area.

D. Health Risk Assessment

The assigned assessor will conduct Health Risk Assessment (HRA) at the workplace based on international HRA standards which consists of Workplace, Organizational & Individual Health Hazards & Risks.

E. Certified Internal Risk Assessor

The scope of risk assessment may include providing training to selected employees to be Certified Internal Risk Assessor (CIRA) and assist the Client to establish an in-house system to sustain such system in the long run. With such training, CIRA should be able to conduct any of the Risk Assessment as mentioned above except for the ERA for their organization whenever required.