Managing OSH RiskBusiness Challenge & Solution


Managing corporate risk is a key challenge for today’s organization, and increasingly significant with legal requirements being introduced, enforced and amended. The threat of hidden cost associated with OSH-related accidents & cases such as prison sentences, hefty fines and substantial compensation payments are also forcing today’s organization to strike the balance between profitability and sustainability to ensure shareholder confidence, corporate image and brand reputation is sustained. Consequently, this new market reality has created greater public awareness and a more litigious workforce and public in general. Hence, organizations today face the challenge of ensuring the workplace is safe and healthy at least in meeting all statutory requirements.

What is OSH Management?

OSH management is the awareness, evaluation and control of risks relating to the OSH aspects and impacts of an organization’s employees and others including the public who may be affected by its activities. With respect to this need, OSH ProCare is offering cost-effective OSH solutions and itself as a one-stop OSH service center to assist organizations with various aspects of OSH management by providing consultation & services in OSH. Our company employs professionals, highly knowledgeable & experience specialists in their respective field.

OSH ProCare specializes in assisting businesses, industries and public sectors to create viable & sustainable business through client specific and value-added OSH management system and support. No matter what the safety and health challenges that you & your organization faces, whether one time only advice or a full range of services, OSH ProCare is ready to work in partnership with you to assess your needs, evaluate options, develop solutions and assist you to fulfill your business/organization vision, strategy and objectives.

The key benefits of engaging OSH ProCare consultants

  • Fulfill & maintain compliance with OSH regulations
  • Manage OSH risks progressively throughout your business & organization
  • Achieve continuous improvement in OSH through professional solution
  • Enjoy peace of mind with our assistance in all stages of program
  • Reassure employees / workers union as their 1st. Choice Employer
  • Enhance corporate value, image and sustainability
  • Strengthen your product, service & brand

Why choose OSH ProCare?

OSH ProCare is a customer-focused OSH organization that provides reliable, quality & customized service to our client. OSH ProCare offers practical & achievable safety and health consulting solutions to suit our clients’ needs because we provide:

  • Knowledge and Expertise +

    We provide OSH expertise and guidance to ensure that our clients fully benefit from our team of highly qualified, experienced & professional team of consultants who has various industries OSH exposure, knowledge and capability that our clients need.
  • Cost Effective Solution +

    We provide professional OSH resources & solutions at reasonable cost to serve to all our clients. Consequently, the employees and organization will gain the maximum benefit besides fulfilling corporate OSH & local OSH regulatory requirement.
  • Personalized Service +

    We will work in partnership with our clients at all times and tailor our service to meet our client needs especially in helping to identify relevant legal and corporate obligations in OSH. We will provide consultation & training to facilitate & support you and your organization to establish a workable OSH management system and total OSH culture at your workplace.
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